It's not too uncommon to see one of these rides driving around Downtown Cedar Falls on a Saturday night.

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It seems like one of the most popular modes of transportation in Iowa isn't a car, nor is it a bike, but rather the party bus. These are ideal for transportation to and from fun/important events.

A popular party bus company located in the Cedar Valley is closing up its bus doors for good. On Friday, August 11th the owners of Xtreme Fun Bus announced the imminent shut down of their business.

"We have always tried to put our customers first, and now it is time to step down and do the things that we want to do," the owners said in a social media statement.

This operation has been serving the people of Cedar Falls and Waterloo for more than a decade.

Xtreme Fun Bus won't be going away just yet. It has been confirmed that the team will fulfill their obligations for events and bookings through to November. The business owners did also confirm that they are open to selling the company and the bus.

You can read the full statement that the business owners made on their Facebook down below.

The owner of this business Rich and his wife have been a part of this industry for well over a decade. They bought their very first bus back in February of 2012, according to the company's website.

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