November is here, the temperature is dropping, and a few of our favorite restaurants in the Cedar Valley are closing down until next year. One popular Cedar Falls restaurant will be closing for the season.

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While so many restaurants have been opening up in the area over the past few months, one particular Cedar Falls restaurant is shutting down its operation...but only for a few months.

Colorful scoops ice cream background concept

4 Queens Dairy Cream in Cedar Falls made the announcement Wednesday morning on their social media accounts, that they will be shutting down for the next few months. 4 Queens has several different locations spread thoughout all of the Cedar Valley including; Cedar Falls, Waverly, Waterloo and Evansdale.

Cedar Falls location: 1310 W 1st Street

Waterloo location: 207 E Tower Park Drive

Evandale location: 3640 Lafayette Road

Waverly location: 109 1st Street Southwest

The Waterloo location closed on October 17th, just a few weeks before the Cedar Falls spot announced its closing. Also, the Waverly restaurant closed just a few days before Cedar Falls, on November 7th.

The ice creamery's last day is Wednesday, November 10th, and it will be open from 11 AM to 10 PM. So, there's still some time left for you to get your ice cream fix before they close for the year.

Some of the other restaurants that have opened up around the Cedar Valley include Carter House which is open right next to the historic Black Hawk Hotel. A brewery also will be opening in Waverly this fall.

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