Some ice cream is just better than others.

Now that summer 2024 is upon us, we're all sweating at all hours of the day, so we're reaching for ice cream. The QCA has no shortage of yummy ice cream, from Sweet Delite to Whitey's and many other great summer afternoon stops.

So if you were to name what you think the best ice cream shop in Iowa is, any of those would come to mind, right? Reader's Digest has released their list of the best ice cream shops in every state and, while the winner for Iowa is very good, we're surprised since it specializes in one thing.

That's right, the Des Moines-based Thelma's Treats was named best ice cream in Iowa for 2024. 

I love me a good ice cream sammie for sure. But wouldn't the honor of Iowa's best ice cream go to an actual ice cream parlor? Like a place that sells cones, sundaes, or pints of just ice cream?

But the listing from Reader's Digest suggests it's that exact difference that lands them on the list in the first place, saying:

Consistently ranked among the best ice cream shops in Iowa, Thelma’s combines two homemade delicacies: cookies and ice cream. The ice cream sandwiches are only $3 apiece for combinations such as sugar cookie with strawberry ice cream, and peanut butter with banana ice cream, all made according to great-grandma Thelma’s original recipe. If you live near Des Moines, they even deliver!

Thelma's Treats ice cream sandwich cookies are also available at Hy-Vees, Fareways, Casey's, and Targets.

To be fair, Iowa isn't the only state on the list with something besides actual ice cream. Shave ice from Hawaii and gelato in Chicago.

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