In one of our more recent Facebook posts, we asked you the following question:

If you could bring back one restaurant In the Cedar Valley that's no longer in business, which would it be?

And boy, did the residents of the area speak up in droves -- over 1,100 of you shared which places you could dine at once again.

Here are 12 of the more common responses we received:

12 Restaurants You Miss in the Cedar Valley

We asked the folks of the Cedar Valley, and they responded! Here's a list of restaurants residents of the area wish they still had.

I didn't grow up in the Cedar Valley so I really never got to experience a majority of these spots. Sure, like everyone else over the last however-many-years I've obviously had pizza from The OP, but some of these places closed before I was born!

From those listed and commented on our post, I must say, Huckleberry's would be one I'd like to try. If anything, I'd like to see what the inside of that bus looked like and if the food was good enough to keep up with the uniqueness of the location.

For the sheer amount of times Shakey's and Happy Joe's were mentioned, those would have to be up there for me, too.

I can add a few places that I hope never close in Cedar Falls for sure, though -- being a former resident of the city and student and UNI, I did get a pretty solid amount of the local food in my stomach when my parents would come up and offer to pay for lunch or dinner.

1. Mama J's

Officially named J's Homestyle Cooking, Mama J's is THE place for breakfast food in the Cedar Valley. In the number of times I've gone and been able to find a place to sit, the omelets have changed my life. I've eaten there with some of my best friends, mentors, and parents, and it was unreal every single time.

2. Peppers

The go-to for a good burger in Cedar Falls, Peppers is the place to go to find UNI Panther memorabilia everywhere, drinks to share with friends, sports to watch, and great food to indulge in.

3. Mulligan's

Another great local spot, Mulligans' pizza and other Italian choices can rock anyone's socks off. One of my friends that I frequently eat out within the Cedar Valley is super picky -- I know he'll find something he likes at Mulligan's, though.

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