What a fun night at the Paramount Theatre tonight as the legendary Rick Springfield finally made it to town, and what a show. It was definitely worth the wait.

We knew this would be something special as you just don't get something like this at a regular concert. There's Rick on stage, on a stool, with his guitars and a projector screen behind him. We start with a video recap of his career, filled with comical moments. And it only gets better as he takes the stage.

He spends the night going from song to story to song. He connects with the crowd at every moment, from the story of him riding on a camel in dress pants as a kid, to how he stole guitars to buy a car at 14 (only to have that stolen). And the songs not only have the crowd singing along, but he keeps them entertained throughout with his guitar prowess, to playing "Inside Sylvia" on a guitar app on his phone. He even decided to play up to the internet meme below, blending those songs into an ultimate mash-up mixed with plenty of other 80s hits.

It's undeniable, everyone had a great time experiencing the life and music of Rick Springfield.



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