Rumer Willis has a public service announcement to make: Rub that SPF on!

In a parody of Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem,’ the 25-year-old actress spreads the message of good skin health by slicking up shirtless guys with a gratuitous amount of sunscreen.

Aspiring singer Constantine Rousouli has the honor of singing Ariana’s verses to explain the importance of a high SPF, dancing around in his bathing suit and harassing sunbathers with funny lines like, “Sunburn is not a good look / Don’t let your skin cook / Come on if you don’t put it on then / Bad stuff could happen to you-ooh-ooh.”

The video doesn’t take itself too seriously, judging by the dance routine by muscled, half-naked dudes and ridiculous scenes like Rumer mounting an oversized dolphin pool float. Still, there’s a good message at the core of the parody — sun damage and skin cancer are no joke, so don’t forget your sunscreen this summer!

Check out Rumer in 'SPF' above.

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