A "nuisance property" is one that reduces property values in its neighborhood by either being unclean, environmentally unsafe, not meeting city code or just needs a little beautifying. It may seem strange to have your neighbor report you to the police for neglecting to mow your own lawn too long, but that's an example of what the SAFE CR program is about. Making our neighborhoods look better and feel more comfortable. SAFE CR stands for "Secure and Friendly Environments in Cedar Rapids"

Since 2013, of the 769 homes deemed nuisance properties in Cedar Rapids by this program, 654 have been quickly revived.

Issues are pointed out to the owners, then SAFE CR managers come check the property. Owners then have 30 days to comply and fix the reported problem or be fined $94 an hour for each officer that has to respond. That's an incentive that gets these issues fixed very quickly, as shown by its 85 percent success rate.

[Via KCRG]



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