A popular Cedar Rapids burger joint is going to be opening a new location!

For the past few days, Saucy Focaccia, located at 5100 Fountains Drive in Cedar Rapids, has been teasing something big on their Facebook page. It all started on Saturday with a post that simply said, "April 2020."

On Sunday, the restaurant elaborated a tiny bit, with the addition of the word, "Southwest."

After a couple of days of predictions from customers, Saucy Focaccia finally added one more word to the post yesterday... "Westdale."

I reached out to the restaurant to make sure these posts meant what we all think they meant, and they confirmed it! There will be a second Saucy Focaccia location at 2360 Edgewood Rd SW in the former Chipotle. Judging from the comments, people who live and work on the southwest side are seriously excited!

If you're not familiar with Saucy Focaccia, you should probably get in there ASAP! Their burgers and fries are ridiculously good. Just check out some of these photos from their social media accounts:

You can keep up to date with the latest announcements from Saucy Focaccia by following them on Facebook HERE.

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