When you have a chance to work in a job you love, let alone in the same place, for as long as I have, you should feel lucky. You see others come and go, town to town, up and down the dial, as per one famous TV theme song. You make a lot of friends along the way, too, but sadly, for the third time in about 5 years, we got the news we've lost another one in a tragic way. Cory Ford passed away this week at age 45, having died by suicide.

How could someone who seemingly had "everything", as a "celebrity" in the world of radio broadcasting, do this to himself? Because it doesn't last forever, and people are lonelier and have more demons to fight than you might think.

I am so sad he is gone and it is hard to imagine what his family, his kids, and loved ones are going through. We as his friends are feeling it too. Cory was a beloved radio personality, who worked up and down these halls for many years, among the many stops he made. I got to know him well, and never had anything but positive encounters with him, which makes this even harder.  I'm glad I got to call him a friend.

September is Suicide Prevention Month. Among the ways  you can help raise awareness is to participate in the upcoming Cedar Rapids HOPEwalk

If you feel your loved ones are hurting, check on them. If you need help, it's there. Reach out, even to me if necessary, because there are more people looking out for you than you know. That was true with Cory, and whatever he was dealing with, we just wish he had known. This is not the answer or the way.

See you again, my friend.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.





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