How many times have you bought something, like a purse or shoes for example, and inside is that packet of silica gel.  We've been somehow programmed to see "danger" written all over it, so we make sure to get rid of it immediately.  Almost panic style. However, you might want to consider collecting those. There's apparently quite a few very helpful uses for these little packets.  So while you keep them safely put away, keep them none the less and try these ideas.

Have any of these worked for you?

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    Dry Out Your Cellphone

    It's happened to almost all of us at some point.  No matter how careful you are, your phone drops into the sink, bathtub, pool, or possibly even the toilet (gross!). Maybe it's as simple as a drink spilled on it.  Regardless, unless you have a Galaxy S5, you've got to act quick.  You can try the dry rice trick, but this might be better.  Remove the battery and memory card and stick the phone in a bowl of silica packets (which is why you need to collect them).  Leave it sit there at least overnight before turning back on, and you should be back in business.

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    Extend Your Razor's Life

    Ever feel like your razor is wearing out much quicker than it should?  Well, it is, thanks to moisture and oxidation.  Here's the solution.  Once you're done using it, dab it dry, then stick it in a sealed container with a couple silica packets.  Your wallet will thank you.

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    Vacation Problem Solver

    Most good vacations involve some pool or beach time, which takes you up to just about the moment you need to head home.  The problem is the suit/towel are still wet with no time to dry them out.  Here's what you do.  Bring some silica packets on vacation with you, and toss them in the sealed bag with all the wet stuff.  The more, the better results.  You'll be surprised how dry the items are by the time you unpack.

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    Protect Your Photos and Documents

    In today's digital world, most of our pictures are stored on a hard drive, safe from aging.  However, back in our closets, we all have that box of cherished old photos/memories.  Protecting them is fairly easy.  Store them with a couple silica packets, which will keep any moisture away from the photos, keeping your memories safe.

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    No One Likes Tarnished Silver

    What makes your silver look so nasty?  Oxidation of course.  Prevent it by throwing a couple silica packets in with your silver or jewelry box.  That silver should remain looking great for a long time, without the elbow grease to un-tarnish it.

  • 6

    Keep the Windows Clear

    Whether your sick of foggy windows on the inside of your car, or condensation on leaky windows in your house, silica packets can help with both.  Simply put some on your dashboard, or in the window pane, and your problem should "clear" away.  Just be careful with kids on this one.

  • 7

    Extend the Life of Those Jack-O-Lanterns

    Nothing ruins Halloween more than the pumpkin molding out before the holiday hits.  So here's an idea.  Take some silica beads and embed them in the pumpkin.  You might need to use quite a few, but it should help resolve the problem. Something to consider this October. Again, be careful of exposure to kids.

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