As COVID-19 delayed the debut of Six Flags Great Adventure's newest ride, the Jersey Devil Coaster hit a milestone.

The final piece of the ride's track was placed Monday, setting the coaster at 130 feet tall. When it opens, it will be the world's tallest, longest, and fastest single-rail roller coaster.

Iron workers from TCN & Co, the company that built the ride, along with the ride's manufacturer and Six Flags project supervisor all signed the final piece before it was lifted and put in place.

There are still many steps left of the building process, including the ride station, controls, and installing the link lift and trains, but after the building process was slowed by COVID-19, this milestone was a big deal.

“Legend says the Jersey Devil has haunted the Pine Barrens for centuries, soaring stealthily through the woods in the dark of night before attacking its prey,” the park said when it announced the ride in 2019. “Modern-day folklore even places this beast near the theme park’s Great Lake, with its menacing, curled horns manifesting under a full moon.”

The ride has some pretty impressive specs:
  • 13 stories tall
  • Top speeds of 58 miles per hour
  • 3,000 feet of track
  • Four cars carrying a total of 12 passengers in single file
  • An 87º drop
  • Five inversions


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