ALBANY -- An Albany funeral home will hold a socially-distanced visitation Wednesday, allowing the loved ones of a beloved local man who passed away unexpectedly to mourn together.

Greg Hartung of St. Joseph died of a suspected heart attack Saturday. Lezlie Carlin from Miller-Carlin Funeral Homes says the 41-year-old leaves behind a wife, multiple children and a vast network of friends.

“(Hartung) was very active in his community and worked in his small town,” Carlin said. “He was known by many, many people. We received many phone calls about condolences for him and his family. He had a large family and a large support system. In situations like this, those family members and friends and coworkers – they absolutely need this closure.”

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, visitors will be asked to follow all signage in the funeral home parking lot and stay in their vehicles. They will then drive under the funeral home carport for the viewing.

Carlin says all of Miller-Carlin's facilities are equipped with features to support socially-distanced visitations.

“Our buildings are actually set up quite well to adjust to the COVID-19 guidelines," Carlin explained. "We have a carport attached to our building. So, we will have the viewing available under the carport so that everyone can drive through and pay their respects to the family.”

Carlin say visitations are always critical to the grieving process -- perhaps even more so during the pandemic and ongoing stay at home order.

“We’re so isolated right now,” Carlin said. “So, when a tragedy like this occurs, it’s absolutely essential for the family to have support and see these people. The family is going to go home, and be alone again, so it’s so important for them to see people and feel their love right now.”

“These services are a way for us to still be able to serve our families in the ways that they need, so that they have support during this time.”

Hartung's visitation will be held from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The funeral service will be held Thursday in St. Anthony for a small number of family members.

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