Just in time for the 4th of July, another form of fireworks is about to go off.

Just a reminder: the long-awaited (by almost no one) return of the speed cameras on I-380 is here.

For 30 days, you've been getting warnings for going 12+ miles above the speed limit on the s-curve, but the real deal is back next Monday, July 1. A total of over 10,000 warnings have been issued to motorists over the grace period of the last month, which officials say would generate about 148,000 tickets a year if fines were being issued.

Fines are going to start at $75 for speeding at 11-20 miles over the limit. It'll increase to $100 for speeds of 21-25 over, $250 for 25-30 above the limit, $500 for anything more than 30 over-and even more if speeding in a construction zone. Red-light violations START at a $100 citation.

Money grab? The city is already looking into its crystal ball, predicting $4.7 million in revenue from the cameras in the first year. Out of that, $1.7 million goes to camera vendor, Sensys Gatso USA, of Beverly, Massachusetts, the rest to hire 10 new police officers in Cedar Rapids--which they're going to need if the forecast incoming windfall from speeders and red-light runners is correct.

Don't speed. You'll have less chance of getting fined. Unless it's someone else driving your car or a host of other "what-ifs" that no one can really solve as of yet.

[Via Gazette]


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