The pandemic has required all sorts of difficult decisions this past year for individuals and businesses alike but nonprofit organizations have felt the challenge, too.

It's been a struggle for the Cedar Rapids Metro YMCA as the exciting opening of a brand-new facility in Marion in January came after the closing of their Mercy Health Plaza branch on Council St. and the reduction or cancelation of many of their annual programs, including Camp Wapsie due to financial hardships caused by the pandemic.

Another one of their facilities has been for sale since October and the Cedar Rapids Gazette says Stoney Point YMCA will soon transfer ownership to Antioch Christian Church.

Further details will be released soon in a joint news release, but YMCA CEO and President Bob Carlson said, "we are happy to know that another nonprofit organization will be entering this side of Cedar Rapids and will continue to serve individuals and families".

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Antioch plans to use the facility to further expand its growing congregation. They currently have churches and Marion and Oelwein. The transition will initially accommodate current YMCA members. It will be a process worked out over "several months" and in that time members will see services phased out slowly at the facility

Carlson says in his full statement on the YMCA website, "throughout the next several months, we will announce changes to building access as we slowly close down operations at this location".

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