Merry Christmas! At the risk of sounding like a broken record--just in time for the holiday season, an out of business retailer said it could soon be back--sort of.

The liquidation of all of Toys 'R Us stores--including Cedar Rapids, was complete in March 2018, but about a year and a half later, it's going to try and phase in a new, scaled back business model.

Richard Barry, a former Toys 'R Us executive now heading up his own company, Tru Kids, Inc. says he has a plan to revamp the failed toy chain, though not much of his plan is yet being made public.

Six new stores, presumably in big cities, will open in time for Christmas, with a revamp e-commerce site. The questions of its feasibility still remain as retailers like Walmart and Amazon continue to grow and expand. But at 10,000 square-feet, the refreshed Toys 'R Us stores will be about a third of the size of typical big box stores.There's also concern of many toymakers will get back into business with the chain, as many of them lost money during the bankruptcy and shutdown process.

Will any of this come to fruition for Toys 'R Us kids in Iowa? We shall see.

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