Just when you thought Madison Prewett was gone forever, in a very dramatically cut scene [cue “My Heart Will Go On”], our hearts were put at ease as she arrived at the rose ceremony at the last minute on this week's episode of The Bachelor.

Once upon a time, if you remember, our boy Peter Weber used to be a light-hearted guy. However, as the drama of this season has progressed, he just looked more stressed out. A quivering, emotionally uprooted Peter gave Madison the last rose and she accepted.

Okay, ditch your tissues and get ready for some drama, because the girls came to argue on “The Women Tell All.” Poor Chris Harrison — he seemed more like a dad to 17 emotionally unstable teenage girls rather than a television host.

Let’s get straight to the juicy details, shall we?


Drama queen Alayah Benavidez was back, and once again confronted Victoria P. about their friendship that Victoria P. can’t seem to remember. Though they are apparently friends, Victoria P. had told Peter they weren’t.

The rest of the girls clearly had something to say, as they accused Victoria P. of having Alayah’s back one moment, and then the next moment, she would slander her name. They even went to the length to say Victoria P. wanted everyone against Benavidez.

Honestly, we thought Benavidez would be the one in the hot seat, but it was Victoria P. that everyone was after. This drama was so good, we downed half a bag of popcorn!


In an effort to change gears, Harrison brought up the champagne-gate (viral meme now FYI) debacle between Kelsey Weier and Hannah Ann Sluss. If you don’t remember, Kelsey had saved a special bottle of champagne to pop with Peter. Hannah Ann didn’t realize the bottle was Kelsey’s and popped it with Peter. Emotionally upset, Kelsey went to talk to Peter, but not before attempting to drink out of a freshly popped bottle of bubbly. However, homegirl had shaken it up before and yep, up went the bubbles all over her face.

Clearly, it’s all water under the bridge, as Kelsey laughed it off and said she’s an emotional girl and okay with that. She confronted Tammy Ly about the pill-popping accusations, and Kelsey let America know that she at times was a little tipsier than she should have been, but accusing someone of something that weighty isn’t ok (you tell them, girl!).

Nope, we aren’t done with Weier yet! Before she scurried out of the hot seat, former contestant Ashley Laconetti (who also won the award on her season for crying every second) brought out a massive bottle of champagne. We don’t think Weier will ever forget champagne-gate now!

If we had to summarize the rest of the episode, it would go like this:

Drama / yelling over each other / drama / Chris Harrison trying to pivot conversation / drama.


Before we wrap up, some serious heat was sent burning to Victoria F. (former Chase Rice lover and just kicked off last episode). We’ve all heard the rumors that she’s broken up marriages, and Chris Harrison hit that accusation head on. A flustered Victoria F. shut down the statement, saying it’s not even remotely true. However, we will say, per Reality Steve, he has never been contacted with more concern about a contestant than he has with Victoria F. Ultimately, we’ve just got to take Victoria’s word and make our own conclusion.


Though ninety percent of the episode consisted of cat fights, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay brought epic silence to the room. We’ve all heard about cyber bullying and that the girls and guys who go on this show are under a microscope and scrutiny. However, in order to truly shed a light on what cyber bullying is, Rachel felt it was important to read actual comments left on the contestants' social pages.

This was a powerful moment not just for the show, but everyone who was watching and who has been affected by something similar. Rachel put substance behind a saying and had the ultimate “mic drop” of the evening.

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