We've all got them!

The folks over at Zippia recently decided to conduct a study to determine some of America's biggest "pet peeves." Google says that a pet peeve is "something that a particular person finds especially annoying." How did they come up with their list? The article says:

"To find each state’s pet peeves, we once again turned to google trends. We looked at a year of search data, giving each state time to truly be exasperated by the little (or big) annoyances in life."

According to this particular study, the majority of states have slow internet as their pet peeve, and here in Iowa, we are in that majority. Iowa was one of 15 states that can't stand slow internet. Our neighbors Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin were also included in those 15 states. In Illinois, badly behaved kids are the top pet peeve, in South Dakota it's burping, and in Nebraska it's laziness.

Some of the other top pet peeves across the United States include PDA, bragging, littering, traffic, nail-biting, pessimism, and passive-aggressive behavior.

Out of all the pet peeves to make the list, I would agree that slow internet is bad, but I cannot STAND littering. Especially when people throw their trash out of their car window when they're driving. How hard is it to hold on to your garbage until you get home?! Which pet peeve makes you the angriest? Let us know in the comments below!

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