Greasy food, burnt toast and even MORE ALCOHOL have been named among potential remedies to recoup you after a heavy night of drinking. But is there truth behind these tried and often untrue measures? How Stuff Works breaks down some of the whys and hows of getting you back to your normal self. They and even discuss how to prevent feeling hungover. For all you Cedar Rapids Beer Summit attendees on March 11th, keep this list handy as we explore the truths and falsehoods of hangover history.

1. More Alcohol

America on Tap

Why:The hangover symptoms don't seem so bad...when you're drunk.

Conclusion: FALSE

No! What are you doing!? This will only make things worse in the end as you are piling up more alcohol for your liver to process, this is the worst thing you could do for yourself.

2. Burnt Toast

Danielle Rodgers

Why: The "burnt"ness is from carbon acts as a natural filter like charcoal. Many water purification products use charcoal to help filter toxins from water.

Conclusion: FALSE

Activated charcoal does not treat alcohol poisoning or hangover symptoms. While it makes some sense to think it would filter things out, it may feel a bit better just to have a full tummy.

3. Fatty and Greasy Foods

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Why: The fat is said to coat or absorb the alcohol, making it easier to process.

Conclusion: TRUE...with stipulations.

Fatty food can coat the stomach BEFORE drinking alcohol, making your body absorb it a bit slower and thus giving your liver more time to catch up. However getting drunk is basically just getting dehydrated and this is much better achieved with foods high in electrolytes that will re-hydrate you like a smoothie.

"Mediterranean folk tactic is to take a spoonful of olive oil before drinking alcohol."

4. Eggs


Why: Food! Protein! Nutrients!

Conclusion: TRUE

Yes your body will be replenished with nutrients from eating a healthy breakfast, but eggs also contain large amounts of cysteine (the substance that breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde in the liver). This one's a winner!

5. Bananas

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Why: Said to contain potassium which helps replenish lost nutrients in the body.

Conclusion: TRUE

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, and will aboslutely help get you back on your feet the morning after, energy drinks and other fruits like kiwi will work just as well.

6. Painkillers


Why: Have a headache? Alleviating it with painkillers just makes sense.

Conclusion: TRUE...with stipulations.

Many will work fine, though you should be careful on meds harsher on your stomach like acetaminophen or Aspirin. Howstuffworks warns..."If you have a sensitive stomach, though, beware -- taking aspirin after drinking can make your stomach hurt even worse".

7. Over the Counter Remedies

Why: Because drug companies have money to make!

Conclusion: FALSE

Sure some of them may contain things like potassium and some vitamins that can help make you feel better temporarily but studies warn:

"The secret to most of these purported "miracle cures" may in fact be the amount of water a drinker ingests when taking them. Many require taking a pill (or two) with a glass (or two) of water before drinking alcohol, and then continuing to take the pills over the course of the evening with full glasses of water, before bed with a full glass of water, and upon waking with a full glass of water. The hydration alone greatly improves the chances of having little-to-no hangover, and the vitamins in the pills just give it a little, albeit expensive, boost."

Stay safe and have fun! Check out some of the Iowa-based breweries joining us on Saturday, March 11 at the DoubleTree Convention Complex in Cedar Rapids at the Cedar Rapids Beer Summit.