Steve Shriver became a household name in Cedar Rapids during the flood of 2016, with his videos and Facebook posts spotlighting the needs and plight of a threatened but forgotten area of the NewBo district. His effort gained him the unofficial designation 'Mayor of NewBo'. It also sparked rumors that he might officially run for mayor of Cedar Rapids, after Ron Corbett announced he was opting out of re-election in 2018.

But CBS2 reported that Shriver, President of the NewBo district and owner of Brewhemia coffee shop, will not be taking his talents to city hall, either. In a post on Facebook, Shriver said,


I'm not running for mayor. I honestly think I would do a good job and would likely win the election (thanks to my massive grass roots support) but the timing is just not good. I need to focus on my businesses and my family. Thanks to everyone who has shown their support.

We expect Shriver to maintain an important role as a community advocate and business owner in Cedar Rapids for years to come, regardless of his official capacity, and wish him well.

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