Lots of our furry companions will be rocking Halloween costumes this year!

I love dogs and I love Halloween costumes, so it only makes sense that one of my favorite things on the planet is seeing dogs IN Halloween costumes. According to a new survey from the National Retail Federation, 16% of people are planning on dressing up their pets in Halloween costumes this holiday. If I can make it home for Halloween, I typically try to dress my dog Charles up in a costume. It usually only lasts about a minute, and that's only if I continually feed him dog treats the whole time (he's the one on the left)...


Just like there are most popular costumes for humans, there are also most popular costumes for dogs! Here are the top 5, according to the survey:

1. Pumpkin

Mario Tama, Getty Images

2. Hot Dog

3. TIE - Dog/Lion/Pirate

4. Bumblebee

5. Devil

John Moore, Getty Images

Check out the rest of the list HERE.

Do you dress up your pet for Halloween? We would love to see photos if you have them! Share them with us in the comments.

[Via NRF]