I'm not usually one to say a movie "changed my life" but there's one that kind of has. Whenever I need a good pick-me-up and/or ego boost and/or social confidence boost, I will pop in the movie "Swingers".

This movie stars Vince Vaughan (whose character's name is Trent); Cedar Rapids native Ron Livingston (Rob), and Patrick Van Horn (a boy literally named Sue because his parents were huge Johnny Cash fans), as a group of friends trying to offer moral support to their fourth, socially awkward and romantically lovesick pal (Mike) played by Jon Favreau. We all relate to one of these guys, and my favorite, hands-down, is Mike.

Mike has broken up with his girlfriend of six years and has forgotten how to act in a social environment. His buddies teach him the ropes, once they finally get him to leave his apartment, and through the mistakes he makes by following their rules (or ignoring them, as in the famous answering machine scene), learns how it really works by building his own confidence with the help of his secret weapon--stellar swing dancing skills.

Everyone gets something different out of this movie--the memorable catchphrases ("you're so money"), the importance of friendship, or the benefits of being yourself.

We all need these kinds of friends and this kind of support in our lives, whether it's trying to get out--or back out on the social scene or just to, again, boost our self-esteem. I have a couple of guys like this in my life and I don't know what I'd do without them. I highly recommend the movie if you haven't seen it. It's "so money", as the characters would say when trying to build each other up, and here's one of my favorite scenes.

Are there any movies that have had a major influence on you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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