Movies and TV shows have an incredible ability to suck us in. The stories capture us so much, and we get so invested, that sometimes it's just too hard to control our emotions.

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We have all watched a movie or a TV show that has just hit us right in the heart and made us shed some tears. For me, anything sad that has to do with a dog-- I'm sobbing. We asked you what movies and TV shows made you cry more than any other, and a lot of great ones were mentioned. Here are some of the responses:

The Movies and TV Shows That Make Iowans Cry The Most

I want to cry just thinking about some of those moments. Those are just some of the many movies and TV shows that made Iowans sob uncontrollably. Take a look at more of the responses below.

What movie or show made you cry? Let us know what we missed by joining in on the conversation in comments, or send us a message in the app.

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