Nearly 30 years ago, André the Giant was arrested in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on assault and criminal mischief charges.  The story has grown, as most stories do, to be more of a legend than fact.  I remember growing up that there was a story that "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and the Iron Shiek were arrested in Davenport on drug related charges.  The story was false.  Sort of.  It was in Middletown, NJ.

But this story is completely real and it happened on August 21, 1987.  Lee Hermiston of the Cedar Rapids Gazette wrote an excellent first person account of the local people involved in the incident.

André The Giant was in town to wrestle the Ultimate Warrior.  The local camera man was told by WWF officials that he COULD video André coming to the ring but COULD NOT video André in the ring.  The match was a 30 second squash and André thought the camera man, Ben Hildebrandt, taped him in the ring.  André was not happy and slapped Ben upside the head and smashed the camera.

When local Cedar Rapids authorities came to arrest André, he informed them that he was going nowhere.  Cedar Rapids police officer Dave Zahner had the unfortunate task of bringing André into custody.  Through kindness and and thoughtful negotiation, Officer Zahner got André The Giant to submit to custody.

Officer Zahner even got a souvenir from the situation.  A signed hand print.

André was ground not guilty of assault but was fined $100 for criminal mischief and was ordered to pay $233 to KCRG for the camera.

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