The cost of a trip home via an Uber, Lyft, or taxi could be going up and it's all because of fairness, according to State Representative Guy Vander Linden.

Lawmakers in Des Moines are pondering a bill that would force all of those services to pay sales taxes, something they don't do now.

Vander Linden told KCCI,

Right now, we tax limousine services but we don't tax taxis and Uber, and so in an effort to make things more equitable the initial thought was that's why we would begin to tax Uber and taxis.

I wouldn't get overly concerned right now because the sales tax on Uber, Lyft, and taxis is actually part of a bill still being debated in Des Moines that also includes a state income tax cut.

If lawmakers wanna tax my Uber but cut my state income tax, that may not be that bad of a deal. However, I wouldn't make plans for that extra money just yet.

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