Avoiding Uber and Lyft at all costs right now is probably the best idea but there are certain situations where they may be a last resort. It may seem a little scary to use one these days and as life gets back to normal, it is still good to be cautious to avoid spreading germs. So, Uber and Lyft has put some thought into this and are placing some new precautions on their drivers and riders.

Here are some of the new protocols that have been put into place due to the pandemic.

Uber and Lyft:

  • Riders should avoid the front seats and sit in the back
  • Try to keep the windows open during rides as often as possible to help with ventilation
  • Both riders and drivers will be asked to wear masks and gloves (Uber is developing technology to track if passengers and drivers are following this protocol)
  •  Ride shares will not be available as an option
  • Lyft riders will be required to report if they have COVID-19 symptoms or have been around anyone with it

Find out more restrictions with the full article here. 

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