Cedar Rapids has a reputation for being the "City of Five Smells". With Valentine's Day coming up tomorrow, what if you could literally bottle up those smells to give to your special someone to enjoy for eternity? This might be how some of them turn out.

  • 1

    Eau De Crunch Berry

    It can be "Crunch Berry Day" EVERY day with this fine fragrance.

  • 2

    Eternal Mt. Trashmore

    Because who WOULDN'T want to smell like garbage every day? If it wears off, the bonus is you'll still smell it anyway

  • 3

    Quaker Oats Delight

    A pungent blend of apples, cinnamon and raw oats that will take your breath away. (OK, this might actually smell good).

  • 4

    Moldy Sandbag Ecstasy

    Perhaps a bit of a hit below the belt. But you could wear this as a reminder of a community's resilience in trying times...or the stench that lingers behind for several days after.

  • 5

    Maid-Rite Onion Ring Magic

    The Marion Maid-Rite is closed but the aroma can live on in our hearts, and on our bodies, with this amazing new fragrance.

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