This pandemic has changed the mindset of the world. It's weird watching movies and seeing people packed into a bar, or enjoying a concert's mosh pit. It's even weirder to think about going back to those things after a year of watching everything we do.

A new poll from SWNS asked 2,000 people what they won't be doing after things return to normal, and it's funny that we did half of the results in the first place.

10 Things We Won't Be Doing After The Pandemic

  1. Sharing ChapStick
  2. Taking a Bite of Someone Else's Food
  3. Trying Out Makeup Samples at the Store
  4. Making Out With Strangers at the Bar
  5. Borrowing Someone Else's Bathing Suit (Why though? You're not licking it, and shouldn't all the pool chemicals take care of whatever's on the suit?)
  6. Using a Friend's Makeup
  7. Standing Close to People in Line
  8. Leaving the House without Sanitizer
  9. Sharing bags of Chips with People Outside of Your Household
  10. Using Someone Else's Deodorant

A few others in the Top 25 worth mentioning are "Going to Buffets," "Holding Handrails on Escalators," and "Shaking Hands."

Read more at SWNS

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