Strangely, Celine Dion's first appearance on The Voice as mentor to Gwen Stefani's team is leaving the competition series' hopefuls speechless.

In a new preview of Dion's introduction to Season 12 above, the "Recovering" singer says she loves that the talent competition is ushering in new, promising stars.

"What I like about The Voice is that I get to be stunned by amazing talent," she says. "This is the new generation."

But it's Gwen's contestants who are ultimately stunned by Dion — several of whom are speechless upon seeing her for the first time. One can only laugh toward the singer as she introduces herself.

Still, Dion proves to be a huge asset to Team Gwen's lineup, and urges each contestant to make use of the stage by experimenting with mic stands and changing up melodies.

Dion first announced her plans to join Team Gwen in January, after which Stefani sang Dion's praises.

“There’s nobody like Celine…To get like the prize right here, everybody’s going to be so mad — the other coaches — that I got you,” Stefani said. “I’m so excited…I am blown away by [Dion’s] unbelievable story. Having this unbelievable gift to be able to speak through music to the whole world.”

“I’ve never met anyone like this girl right here,” she added.

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