It's never a great feeling reading a story about the 'worst' jobs in America and see your profession listed. Well, that just happened to me again this morning. According to a new report, Disc Jockey is among the 10 worst jobs in America. Is it really?

First, let's look at the top 10 jobs you apparently don't want to have. The worst of the worst are Taxi Driver, Logger, Newspaper Reporter, Retail Salesperson, Enlisted Military, Corrections Officer, Disc Jockey, Broadcaster, Advertising Salesperson, and Painter. So what does the study say about us DJs? First of all the overall job growth in our field is -11.6%. Yes, jobs in our industry can be hard to find. And often times you have to be willing to move long distances to get one. Just ask Courtlin. Also, the median salary per year is under $34,000. Ouch.

Now there are exemptions to every position. I'm sure that there are people working in those 10 fields who are doing very well in their careers. While there are things about being a DJ that I don't like, I can't say that this job isn't without its perks. I've made a solid career and I"m proud of the things I've accomplished. But would I push a young person to go all in on radio in the year 2019? It just depends on the individual. If you love what you do, like I do than the other bad numbers don't matter.


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