Waterloo is on a winning streak.

The past month we've heard two other cases of women in Waterloo winning big with the Iowa Lottery. The first time we got wind of a Waterloo woman winning, she came out $100,000 richer. Just a week later news breaks that yet another woman in the Cedar Valley won a major prize. Now, a third woman has won this big prize.

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Roberta Gray of Waterloo won $20,000 after playing a scratch lottery game called "Four Corners Crossword." She was shocked when she arrived at the Iowa lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids earlier this week to claim her prize.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

"I think it's setting in now, actually," the winner said.

She bought her winning ticket at the local Kwik Star in Cedar Falls at 4515 Coneflower Parkway. After purchasing her lucky ticket, Roberta Gray scratched her game in her car right after purchase to see if she had won anything.

"I saw, you know, several words, and I'm like, 'Oh, I might actually hit $100," Gray explained. "And then I'm like, Well, OK, maybe $300.' And then I miscounted and I'm like, 'There's no way I won $2,000!"

IA Lottery
IA Lottery

And she was right! She didn't win $2,000...she won $20,000. Just add a few more zeroes to your first guess, Roberta! What will she do with these winnings? Well, Gray has a part-time business that she wants to invest her winnings into! Congratulations, Roberta! Drinks are on you!


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