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Sybaris Pool Suites. The Chalet Swimming Pool Suite.
Sybaris Pool Suites. The Chalet Swimming Pool Suite.

I know it's a little difficult to take a vacation right now, but what if I told you there was a private, couples only getaway that is only two and a half hours away from the Quad Cities? Sounds amazing right?! You should see the pictures.

Welcome to Sybaris Pool Suites. With locations in Indianapolis, IN, Mequon, WI, and Northbrook, Frankfort, and Downers Groove, IL, Sybaris Pool Suites has several options of suites that range in prices and different amount of amenities. At each location, Sybaris offers the following suites (least amenities and cheapest to most expensive to the most amenities):

Let's look at the Chalet Swimming Pool Suite in Frankfort, IL, which is the suite that offers the most and is the closest to the Quad Cities. The Chalet Swimming Pool Suite includes the following amenities:

  • Multi Levels of Luxury with a Private Garage
  • Private 22' Heated Swimming Pool with attached hot tub
  • Tropical Waterfall
  • Misting Steamroom
  • Bedroom Loft with 10-foot Waterslide
  • Massage Chairs
  • Fireplace
  • Additional 5' x 7' whirlpool tub in bedroom area

The price for the Chalet Swimming Pool Suite? For a one night stay on Friday or Saturday from 6 p.m. to 11 a.m. will cost you $609 (doesn't include taxes or fees). Not to bad for one night! Sybaris offers custom pricing depending on the length your stay and check-out time.

Ready to take a look inside the Chalet Swimming Pool Suite? Here you go!

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