Before you say it, I get it: valuable and practical skill sets--and traits like being a nice person can absolutely be obtained without a degree, but you'll soon get the point.

Social media became a real bummer, dare I say cesspool quite quickly, especially over the last year, did it not?

Here's why I find social media annoying

Social media fatigue sets in very easily amid the growing political bickering and social unrest we've been seeing. I'm also tired of dealing with glitch after glitch on Facebook while I hear and read another story about Mark Zuckerberg bragging about "banning" some super-famous or controversial person's account.

Frankly, if I didn't have to use them so much for work, I'd spend as little time as possible on these sites. P.S., I also have an ocean-view mansion in Arizona for sale if you're interested. It's a real bargain if you know what I mean.

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It's become too easy to get famous just for existing

"Influencers" are everywhere. It actually became an official word in the dictionary in 2019. It turns out, according to a survey from PRFire, a disturbing number of people value a verified social media account more than a degree. On the other hand, only 15 percent of Iowans care more about the "blue check".


So where are these people who do care so much?

The percentages of our midwest counterparts are generally low:

  • Minnesota: 11 percent
  • North Dakota: 13 percent
  • Michigan: 17 percent
  • Illinois: 19 percent
  • Nebraska: 20 percent
  • South Dakota: 21 percent
  • Indiana and Wisconsin: 24 percent
  • Missouri: 30 percent
  • Kansas: Holy Moses! A whopping 50 percent makes it the midwest state with the most wannabe social media "influencers", by far.

Louisiana tops the list at 57 percent, followed by Maine and Kansas (50), Nevada (44), and Oklahoma (39).

Restoring our faith in humanity is Tennessee at only 5 percent favoring the cultivation of their social media presence to a college degree.

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