If you have friends with kids going back to school in Iowa, your social media feed will most likely be filled with posts from proud parents. If you're a parent that plans on making a post like that on August 23rd, you need to be aware of a few things.

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Authorities are warning parents about the dangers of posting too many details about their kids going back to school on social media. Some of your social media "friends" may be more of a predator than a friend.

Davenport Police Show Parents How To Post Back To School Photos

Kids in Iowa go back to school tomorrow (August 23rd). If you're sending a kiddo back to school in Iowa or Illinois, the Davenport Police Department wants to remind you of the right and wrong way to post about your kids going back to school on social media.

To help show you, Davenport police enlisted the help of K-9 Officer Dawn to help you think twice before you post.

Davenport police and Officer Dawn say in the social media post above that those back-to-school photos with signs can reveal personal information about your child. Information like their school name, grade, age, and identifying features.

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Davenport Fire Department Gets In On The Fun

Even the Davenport Fire Department got in on the helpful fun to remind parents to be careful about those back-to-school pictures. The Davenport Fire Department's mascot Sparky wanted to help with the PSA:

Just like the Davenport police, the fire department reminds parents that all of those pieces of information put in the sign and posted on social media may seem like nothing to parents. However, they can all be used by scammers or individuals who may not have the best of intentions, according to Davenport police.

Whether you use a sign or post that information in the caption on your social media post, you're still giving out a lot more information than you should.

Honestly, one photo of your kid(s) with their backs towards a street on a sidewalk with no visible clues about their grade, school, or even your house information is the best way to wish them well on their way back to school. We know you're proud, but let's be safe.

Officials say no matter your privacy or friend settings, it’s best to keep personal information to a minimum.

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