A post is going viral on the internet that was kind of amusing, but turned out to be a hoax.

Someone claiming to be the "new music coordinator" at an L.A. radio station, which in the old days we might have called "music director", sent a letter to an up-and-coming music sensation, who just happens to have a slew of Grammy awards and decades of experience to her name.

You can see the letter below, from this hot new artist's Facebook page.

The best part was Lennox's response: "I think I'm in with a chance??!!" I think so, too, Annie.

In an update on Facebook, Lennox says the letter was a hoax in that it was not really from the radio station but was a form letter.

Kudos to Annie Lennox for clearing that up and warning any true up-and-coming musicians to beware of these hoaxes.

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