An investigation is underway after a trio of Des Moines Roosevelt high-school students was shot following a post-prom party.

According to WHO 13, detectives believe there were approximately 200 students in attendance at the event, which was not sanctioned by the school. Witnesses say events took a wrong turn as uninvited guests began to show up, around midnight, when investigators believe a fight broke out and shots were fired.

No arrests have been made and the shooting is still under investigation.

Roosevelt Principal Steven Schappaugh has reportedly communicated to parents by e-mail two times since the shooting in regards to the investigation.

Dear Rider Families,

Unfortunately, there was a shooting that took place at a prom after party last evening that injured three Roosevelt students. At this time, we believe none of the injuries are life threatening. DMPD has been in constant contact with DMPS Public Safety. I will continue to communicate with appropriate officials to stay on top of the developing details of the investigation. Tomorrow our counselors will be available all day to support students who need to process the news. I am also working with our district and school leadership to determine any additional resources and supports we may want available at Roosevelt.

This is a developing situation and I will keep the Roosevelt community informed of any additional information as it becomes available.

In a second e-mail around 5 p.m. Saturday, Shappaugh discussed more specifics about the school's handling of the situation as students would return to school Monday, including additional, unspecified security protocols being in place, and the ability for students to speak to counselors upon arrival back to school if needed. Shappaugh emphasized there appeared to be no threat to students at this time. In closing his second e-mail, Shappaugh said

There are no words to adequately describe the pain and emotions we are feeling right now. However, I’m confident we will be united in our support of our students. I know many of our teachers, coaches, and club sponsors have already been in contact with students and families since early this morning. Our staff responded to the need to be present and will continue to show up for you and your children. We’re here for you – today, tomorrow, and however we need to be in the coming days.

This shooting comes weeks after another that made national headlines outside Des Moines East High School. A total of 10 students were charged with first-degree murder in the drive-by shooting death of 15-year-old Jose D. Lopez and the injury of two others in that March 7 shooting.

In April we also reported a post-prom party shooting in Waterloo that led to injuries to one teenager.

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