Don't give up just yet!

According to Foursquare and Swarm, the first Thursday in February is a dangerous day. Their data shows that it's the first day of the year where people start checking into more fast food restaurants than gyms. The article states:

"Foursquare reviewed Swarm check-ins and implicit visits at all segments of the 'gym and fitness center' category alongside visits to 'fast-food restaurants.' Visit trend lines meet on the first Thursday of February."

Here are a few of the other findings:

  • The first Sunday of the New Year is when we start to see a decrease in visits to fast food joints
  • The most popular day for going to the gym is always either the first or second Monday of the year
  • The second Friday in February is predicted to be the biggest day for fast food visits in Q1

If you are doing the healthy eating/working out thing, stay strong! I'm in the same boat. The working out thing I've been doing for years now, so my struggle is with the healthy eating part. I spent $85 on "healthy" groceries yesterday and I almost cried. Once you start to see the results, though, it'll all be worth it. Trust me.

Or just don't check into fast food places and nobody know you fell off the wagon. Whatever works for you!


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