Tony Hawk is trending on Twitter after sharing his hilarious COVID-19 testing story.

On New Year's Eve (December 31), the pro skateboarder shared his encounter with a healthcare worker who administered his test.  He handed over his and his two children's paperwork to the worker. The woman saw the name and asked if they were related to Tony Hawk.

Hawk replied yes and she asked if he was "pulling her leg." He responded, No, we are all directly related to him." Hawk later confirmed that they all tested negative for COVID-19.

Hawk often gets mistaken for other celebrities or if a person sees his name, asks if he's related to Tony Hawk. He often shares the hilarious moments via Twitter.

Hawk revealed that he recently traveled for the first time in a long time, due to the pandemic, and had another interesting encounter. This time, it was a fan who recognized him.  Hawk was asked by a TSA agent to do a kickflip. His response? "I can’t because my skateboard and shoes are in your machine."

One of his most memorable tweets featured a man at the grocery store who asked Hawk if he gets mistaken for Tony Hawk or if he was the real Tony Hawk. "Both," Hawk responded.

See some of his best tweets, below.

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