How do you know you're ready for summer?

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Life in the midwest has its charms, advantages, and perks. Who doesn't enjoy colorful leaves, the first snowfall, or a sunny day on the river with a cold drink in hand?

However, after a few springtime weather teasers, when the temperature goes above 60 for a day or two, even the heartiest midwesterner can get tricked into believing summer is just days, if not hours, away.

Top Ten Ways to Know You're Ready for Summer

10. You Begin Uttering Strange New Expletives

You coin new expletives upon realizing you put away the windshield ice scraper too soon.

Frozen windshield
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9. You're Angry at Birds

You see a bird, and your first thought isn't how cute it is, but how is that thing even alive?

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8. Your Travel Mug Becomes Your BFF

Your travel coffee cup has become an indispensable companion, as much for the heat it emits as for the liquid beverage it holds.

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7. You Choose Function over Fashion

When getting dressed, you give more consideration to the warming effect of the layers than you do to fashion statements or matching colors.

Wintery scene of a man shivering in a snow storm
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6. You Develop Travel Envy

You seriously contemplate unfriending or muting friends on social media who post about their fabulous getaway to a warm destination.

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5. You Experience Shivering Fatigue

You resort to wearing a winter coat indoors, can't stop shivering, and the voice in your head keeps repeating, "this too shall pass."

Woman have cold on the sofa at home with winter coat
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4. You Pray for a Heatwave

You pray for a hot and muggy July day and promise God you won't complain about the 99% humidity.

Young woman relaxing under the air fan at home
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3. You Want to Turn Punxsutawney Phil Into Roadkill

You feel a visceral desire to hurt that cute yet dumb shadow seeking groundhog.

marmot, snow, burrow
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2. You Have Springtime Hallucinations

You find yourself staring at the trees and hallucinating that you see buds appearing on the barren branches.

Thomas Etzkorn/Townsquare Media Hudson Valley
Photo Credit: Thomas Etzkorn/Townsquare Media Hudson Valley


1. You Crave the Smell of Lighter Fluid & Charcoal Briquettes

You spritz a little lighter fluid, close your eyes and imagine yourself barbecuing large quantities of meat.

Grilling at summer weekend. Fresh meat preparing on grill.Shallow deep of field
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