Do you remember seeing a toy you wanted  in the store when you were a kid? Do you remember how excited you were to get a new toy? Well, sadly that feeling is being taken away from many kids, thanks to scalpers.

We have all most likely heard of the word "scalper," but it is usually linked to sports and defined as,

A person who resells shares or tickets at a large or quick profit.

Thanks to the internet however, everything gets scalped. Anything from clothes and shoes to toys unfortunately is considered fair game. But i's not fair at all, especially for the kids that miss out.

Toys that are most commonly scalped are things like cards, action figures, and LEGO. It's sad to see and hear about. Once a store "drops" a new shipment, adults rush in and buy all the product. They then sell these toys for more on their personal internet store.

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Shelves at stores are usually left like this:

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The toys most affected are commonly Pokémon cards, Star Wars action figures, and specific LEGO. It's sad that kids don't get to see their toys on the shelves, nor do they get them for a fair price. Rather, we have people buying and excessive number of the same toys just to resell them.

Buying a few of something you like is fine, but to buy all of something only to sell it for twice as much is messed up, especially when that thing is meant for children. Scalping has become a full time job for people and I for one am not a fan of it.

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