WHO-TV in Des Moines has reported that the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) confirms a firearm was found a Des Moines International Airport (DSM) on Saturday.

Several details in the incident were made public, including that the traveler in possession of the firearm is from Guam. The gun was loaded with five bullets, including one in the chamber, found in his carry-on luggage. Police took the firearm and the person in possession, whose name was not released, was issued a citation.

According to WHO-TV, "travelers are permitted to bring firearms with them, but they have to be unloaded and packed in a locking hard-sided case.". They also need to declare it with the airline, who will then securely store it in the cargo of the plane so it cannot be accessed during the flight.

This incident is reportedly one of four of its kind reported this year, as of October 4 which is down from both 2018 and 2019, which saw 12 guns attempted to be brought through security screenings.

This news reminds us that with all the havoc 2020 has wreaked on us between a pandemic and derecho cleanup, security issues are still a major concern. Decreased travel doesn't equal looser security practices. More regarding the guidelines for legally traveling with firearms can be found here.

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