It's that time in the television season when the fates of our favorite shows are decided. For many shows, the end of this season is also the end of their show runs. One such show that is getting the boot actually has an interesting connection to Waterloo.

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Several months ago, Northeastern Iowa had a brief stint in the Hollywood spotlight, but that is coming to an end. A few months ago, we were introduced to the ABC television show 'Call Your Mother' and Kyra Sedgwick's character Jean Raines.

Raines as it turns out is a retired Waterloo, IA schoolteacher. She even makes multiple references to her Iowa background throughout the first few episodes.


News recently broke that the show, unfortunately, won't be renewed for a second season. The show started airing in January, and approximately 3 million viewers tuned in on the day for the premiere. Many people in Hollywood place part of the cancellation blame on the sporadic air dates. From January to March, the show aired weekly. Then the rest of the episodes would inconsistently air every few weeks.

Even the star of the show cited these issues in a tweet where she announced the show's cancellation.

It seems like the show had some real-life inspiration for this show from the show creator's real life. The basic concept of this show is that an empty nester decides to follow her children out to California, and shenanigans ensue!

The showrunner Kari Lenz had the complete opposite situation happen to her in her own life. She has three grown children, two sons, and one daughter. One of her sons ended up moving to Iowa for some time several years ago.

Her son Elias Romanus has spent some time in Iowa doing some political campaigning and assisting one of the presidential candidates during the 2020 election.

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