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Are you working from home? If so, do you remember the last time you wore pants? If you don't, that's alright because neither does two-thirds of Americans according to a new survey.

According to a survey Mattress Firm, conducted by OnePoll, two-thirds of Americans say they have no idea remember the last time they wore real pants. Mattress Firm and OnePoll surveyed 2,000 Americans who currently work from home. Not only did they find that two-thirds of Americans don't remember the last time they wore real pants, but also a lot of other interesting data too. Here is what Mattress Firm and OnePoll found in their recent survey.

  • Four in five say they spend their 9-to-5 wearing PJ’s or comfy clothes
  • Seven in ten say they much prefer working from home than heading into the office every day
  • 44% say they’ve still been “late” to clock in
  • Six in ten say they have taken a nap during the day

Mattress Firm and OnePoll also asked if working from home caused those people to be unproductive, considering distractions and the freedom to kind of do what they want.

According to the survey, people say they've actually been more productive.

  • 70% say they’ve been more productive since working from home than they were in the office

Other data that Mattress Firm and OnePoll found include:

  • 59% say they've taken a nap while on the clock
    • Of those, the average worker takes almost 4 naps a week
  • 57% say they have worked from bed
    • While working in bed, 52% realized they needed a new bed
    • Those who have worked from their bed said they spend 4 hours of their day there
  • 63% say they’ve socialized using a video application
    • 23% say they do so five times per week


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:




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