Bear with me. I'm trying to be nice.

Iowa's football team sits at 3-3 going into its game this weekend against Ohio St. and it's natural after a 10-win season last year, for fans to expect a lot better. There's a lot of blame being unloaded on anyone on the sideline named Ferentz, but the University of Iowa's president says she'd like you to keep it away from the players and continue to support the team.

Spencer Petras remains the starting quarterback, much to many fans' chagrins, but it's head coach Kirk and offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz (mostly the latter) who are taking the brunt for leaving him in despite poor play. At one point in a recent press conference, Brian was even asked what would be the downside to trying Alex Padilla or even at this point, third-string Quarterback Joe Labas. His answers were worthy of the mocking he has since received.

He's earned the mocking, but not the players. Wilson said in a Radio Iowa story,

Booing in the stadium probably doesn’t support our student-athletes the way we need them to be supported

I know you don't want to hear it. But at the end of the day, it's just a football game, and we as fans can express our displeasure by tuning out or not going to Kinnick, a place where Barbara Wilson reminds us there are many other amazing aspects of the game day experience.

I’m hoping that when people come and enjoy athletics at Iowa that they come down the corridor and learn more about our university,” Wilson says, “and that’s why I’m so proud of the wave because I think that tradition helps remind everybody in that stadium that we are not only playing football, we have a world-class children’s hospital where we are treating many, many young children and babies with very serious illnesses.”

Iowa made the Citrus Bowl last year, and I read an early projection for them to go to the Pinstripe Bowl this year. Do they deserve it? Players always deserve to be rewarded for hard work, but this season, most of us agree their coaches haven't served them well.

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