There is nothing like the rumor mill to get your week started off right. Social media was ablaze yesterday about the Iowa Hawkeye football program. Much of the heat centered around embattled offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz. Some were reporting that he had resigned. One report had Kirk Ferentz himself hanging it up at the end of the year. Eventually, we got official word from the University of Iowa that Brian Ferentz would not be returning to Iowa City in 2024. So what, or rather WHO, is up next?

The first big question is will Kirk Ferentz return in 2024? I have to believe he will. I would be shocked if Kirk hung it up after such a turbulent few years in Iowa City. But if Kirk stays, then you have to imagine much of this offense will too. It doesn't matter if the name is Ken O'Keefe, Greg Davis, or Brian Ferentz. This offense is all about what Kirk Ferentz wants to run. With the likes of USC joining the Big Ten next year, will Kirk allow his new OC to freshen things up?

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There are many places Iowa could go to find its new offensive savior next season, but as the Cedar Rapids Gazette points out, Iowa loves to bring back familiar faces. Iowa's current staff has five former alumni on it; Brian Ferentz, Ladell Betts, Abdul Hodge, Kelvin Bell, and LeVar Woods. The Gazette reports that the only FBS team with more is the Air Force. So what Iowa alum could Kirk add to freshen up the offense? How about one who led it during one of Iowa's greatest games of all time?

Yes, let the rumor mill officially recognize the name of former Hawkeye quarterback Drew Tate. The Gazette reports that after a successful playing career in the CFL, Tate has made coaching stops at Coastal Carolina, back to the CFL, University of Tennessee Martin, and the University of Northern Iowa. He has coached quarterbacks, tight ends, and wide receivers. So would Kirk come calling? Ferentz told the Gazette that Tate "relates well with people because he is who he is." If Iowa came calling, would Tate leave the comforts of his CFL job to lead the Iowa offense? He told the Gazette, "I think it'd be an awesome deal."

Iowa fans might just agree.

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