If you've set foot in Waterloo, you're well aware of who the Sullivan Brothers were. The super quick story: George, Francis, Joseph, Madison, and Albert, who were all aged 20 to 27, perished tragically when their ship was sunk by a Japanese submarine during a battle in late 1942. Sadly, this was the greatest military loss by any one American family during World War II.

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Fast forward the ship with their namesake launched on April 4th, 1943. The ship served in both World War II and Korea. It then was used for training, and was decommissioned in January 1965. In 1977, it became a museum at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park in Buffalo, New York. Fast forward once again to 2021, and WGRZ reports the ship is in danger of sinking. As a result, the Naval Park is asking for donations from the public, with hopes to raise the needed $100,000 for emergency hull repairs for the nearly 80-year old vessel.

There is some good news, The Buffalo News reports a major donation of $50,000 came from a company called The West Herr Automotive Group. In addition, the Naval and Military Park says it raised $25,000 in donations in less than one day. though these do not appear on the Facebook donations page, with the the link seen above. There is another, more official page to donate which you can find here.

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