The baby giraffe seen above needs a name, and you can help.

Recently, we gave you the exciting news from Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, that they had welcomed this adorable new addition to their ranks. 6-year-old Skye gave birth to her first calf and they've just announced that voting is open to decide on a name for this little guy.

According to KCCI, you have until Tuesday, February 2 to pick between these three choices that all have a special and symbolic meaning:

  • Mosi - meaning 'firstborn'
  • Raza - meaning 'hope'
  • Ikemba (Kemba) - meaning 'strength of a nation,' 'power of the people,' 'full of faith'

The name will be officially chosen and revealed on February 3 so make your choice now. It doesn't cost anything to vote although Blank Park Zoo will welcome donations. The new giraffe and all his pals will need to be well-taken-care-of and your donations will help maintain an Iowa favorite family attraction. The donations will also offset Blank Park's losses due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Visit their website to vote and donate.

Personally, of the three choices, I like "Raza" the best. We could all use a little hope right now and this new member of the world symbolizes that rather handsomely.

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