If you have ever wondered if the fish at a zoo or aquarium can see you making faces at them through the glass, the answer is clearly yes.  Which now makes me think, do they think they are watching us at a zoo.  Whoa.

Well, Anthony Perez decided to see if he could get a dolphin to mimic his movements.  He got VIP passes to the Baltimore Aquarium.  With nobody else around he could get the animals attention easier since it was just him and a friend.  Anthony said he was doing cartwheels and while it caught one dolphins attention, that one just swam away.  But then, another dolphin swam over and said, hold my beer.

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As you can see in the video below, the dolphin kept imitating the man rolling like he was doing cartwheels.  Until one point when the dolphin "laughed" at Anthony.

So next time you head to an aquarium or zoo and your kid, or let's be honest here...you, are making faces at the dolphins, trying to talk to the dolphins or thinking you can just check your teeth in the reflection, they are looking back at you.  Then they'll go tell all their dolphin buddies "Hey, come take a look at this moron that came to our house."

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