Last year, one guy went around and dated a girl from every single state in America. He documented all of the outings on Tik Tok and he's back in Iowa for season 2.

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When you think of going out on a "stereotypical" date in Iowa, a few things probably come to mind, right?

Busch Lite...

A county fair...

Or maybe checking out some cool restaurants!

Well, one Iowa City girl is featured on a viral dating series and CLEARLY gave the host (and her date) a run for his money!

KM/50Dates50States via Youtube
KM/50Dates50States via Youtube

Kailey Benge of Iowa City was able to show off a different side to the Hawkeye State on the online dating series "50 Dates In 50 States." The series follows Matthew Wurnig as he goes on a date with a girl from every single state.

This was date 32 for season 2!

Matthew Wurnig's goal last year was to date a girl from every single state. No, he didn't want to go out on 50 dinner dates, he wanted to actually experience something new with each girl in every state.

Wurnig lets the girl plan out what they're going to do on the date (which is a very smart idea) and then he goes out and has fun with them.

Last year, he had a pretty iconic date with a girl from Iowa.

This time around though, it's pretty clear that Wurnig and his date had even more fun.

Kailey took the social media star out for a (Monday) night on the town in Iowa CIty. They actually got to check out a new bar that just opened a second location in the town called "Stuffed Olive."

They both ended up giving the Fruit Loops Martini on the menu a try. A STAPLE for anyone who frequents the bar.

Kailey and Matthew wrapped the night up with an Iowa tradition: shotgunning a Busch Lite!

Do you think these two got along well?

Will there be a second date?!? Who knows!

You can check out the full video down below! Not only is it HILARIOUS at the end, but there are also some great date ideas.

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