A recent Waterloo zoning meeting found some officials considering adding 73 additional acres of land to the city because of the growing Lost Island theme park ventures.

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Lost Island has been making major headlines over the past few months. In March, the waterpark suffered some serious damage due to a fire in one of the buildings. The fire damaged the building's ceiling and attic, Waterloo Fire Rescue officials said. They believe the fire was sparked by an electrical short in a ceiling light.

Connor Kenney
Connor Kenney

Towards the end of the summer, inarguably the height of summertime shenanigans for families, the famed waterpark started altering operational hours due to staffing shortage.

Source: Google Maps
Source: Google Maps

At the begininng of August, the park started closing Tuesdays and Wednesdays before ultimately closing for the full season. The go cart and golfing hours remained the same at that time.

Officials claimed that they had issues "maintaining critical staffing levels" or in laymen's terms; they were having some mahor staffing issues. You can check out more information about that closure here.

Now the Lost Island Waterpark officials are thinking ahead towards the grand opening of the new amusement park addition that is quickly approaching. Summer 2022 is the tentative opening date for this exciting new venture. 

Not only is this new non-waterpark starting to come together, but officials are looking to even add a campground. The only concern was aquiring nearby land.

At a recent Waterloo zoming meeting this all came to a head. There was proposal made by an Evansdale resident named Andrew Lusson at the city's Planning, Programming & Zoning Meeting. He struck a deal with multiple landowners in the area, all of whom are willing to sell their property for a campground near Lost Island.

Lusson suggested that the city of Waterloo annex these 73.38 acres of land. The land is located at the corner of East Orange and Dysart streets.

Google Images
Google Images

For those unfamiliar with "annexation" it means that the city or governing body will acquire more land thus increasing the size of the city. This would make the utilties and infrustructure issues fall under the responsibility of the city.

Sara Blake, the president of the Southdale Neighborhood Association provided a petition with more than two hundred signatures opposing the idea.

City officials did not approve this proposal at this meeting. So, the next stop would be for this idea to be brought to city council. No word yet on if this wil be going forward.

You can watch the full meeting and this discussion down below!

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