Restaurants have been popping up all over the Cedar Valley. An exciting staple of the area will be based out of Waterloo soon.

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Several months ago, news came of Here's What's Poppin' in Waterloo closing for good. In May, the spot closed for two weeks due to staffing issues and to "prevent burnout on my existing dedicated employees."

The Waterloo location was meant to stay closed until May 29th, but once they reopened they promptly decided to close this location permanently.

While the Waterloo store will be closed, the Cedar Falls spot will still be open. So, no worries about missing out on your favorite pop corn in the area.

The Waterloo location will now be the site of a new restaurant coming to the area. Last month, news broke of the popular food truck Hungry Charlie's moving into the building. This will be its first brick-and-mortar location in the Cedar Valley.

Hungry Charlie's is a food truck that has popped up all around the Cedar Valley for the past year or so; serving gyros, chicken sandwiches, hotdogs and much more.

The business owners of the restaurant have confirmed that they signed the lease last month, which can be found in an older social media post down below.

The new eatery will be called Hungry Charlie's Lunch Box, and they will serve gourmet panini sandwiches, salads, and soups. The location of this new restaurant is 206 East 4th Street in Waterloo.

"We are finishing off all of the steps we need to complete to get open. Once we get everything all straightened out, our followers, friends and family will be the first to know!"

In a recent social media post, the owners confirmed that the restaurant will have a soft opening very soon. The entire outside is done up with the new business logo and signage.


There are plenty of other restaurants opening up in the Cedar Valley right now. Several new spots have opened this summer in Cedar Falls. A take-out-friendly restaurant called  Carter House opened right next to the Black Hawk Hotel. In addition, a restaurant located in the same spot as Santa's Workshop in Cedar Falls just opened its doors, it's called Georges.

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